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Katia Leonardo – Vocal Coach

Find your voice


I’m Katia

I’m passionate about the art of voice.  

I was born and raised in Angola, that gave me the tools to feel my voice and body with rhythm and sound opening songs and games from an early age. I come from a lineage of fado singers and musicians from a small village in Portugal. And I carry the infinite curiosity for learning how I can help others to find their authentic voice.

I love doing this work and have been blessed to travel many places in the world and healing through moments of awakening our creativity, experiencing our bodies and voices boosts our hearts with Joy, Light and Love for life!

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What I Offer

For entrepreneurs, leaders, and directors

When we arrive at higher positions, sometimes the feelings of anxiety, fear, and excitement tighten our voice and suppress our breathing creating an involuntary stressful sound on our voice when we need exactly the opposite. In this course, you will learn how to become your own authentic voice and how to Empower, Enjoy, to find Joy in inspiring, leading, guiding and teaching others as you grow into your own vocal presence.

For singers, actors, and stage performers

As much as it attracts us it can be very scary to be on stage. The feeling of attraction and fear hand in hand. Learning techniques that will help you to control your breathing, learn about how to feel connected to your own essence and purpose will help you to expand and enjoy the leap of faith with more confidence and enjoyment. The same way way we want to see others enjoying being on stage, that is achievable with dedication, training and love.

Group vocal chorus sessions

To hear our voices among other voices, harmonies that heal, that can make you cry and laugh, that can awaken your body and elevate your soul is very powerful. 

My method is a combination of Afro-Brazilian rhythms that call Earth and fire together with the Bobby McFerrin Techniques of improvisation and with a swirl of  Rudolf Steiner’s Antroposophical Art-therapy methods, created with the guidance of the magnificent Maya Moussa.

What I Do

Help people channel more gravitas and intention to the power in their own voice

"Katia, with her vast experience in teaching, has the gift of making the most true and essential things they have in themselves stand out in the people she works with. "

Maria Morbey — jazz singer, songwriter, Lisbon, Portugal

"I would strongly recommend Katia as a teacher. I have worked as a full time covers singer, and have had singing lessons for over 20 years with different teachers through institutions like Jazz programmes at university, and from private teachers. Katia has an incredible knowledge of vocal techniques, and, most importantly, she has the ability to guide me through corrections. While this fundamental for me as a student, I have found it is rare in teachers. Katia is also a very intuitive and sensitive teacher. She is firm and focused. I would strongly recommend anyone interested in exploring and improving their vocal techniques, and knowledge of music take lessons with Katia."

Kate Anastasiou —singer, New Zealand

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